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Boxercise at lark Lane Community Center

6 months ago

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Many times I heard from you all guys that you are border with repetitive circuit training or HIIT training that is designed and predictable to every second. I was thinking what fartlek type of training may be most enjoyable by my clients and the answer was obvious. Boxercise! That is great cardiovascular training, not too…

Balance Flex starts on monday

7 months ago

78 words

I’m starting with new group exercise at Great Homer Street Gym. We focus on flexibility and balance. Have you ever struggled with ideas for stretching exercises after your workout? Are you worry your balance isn’t best? That combined classes are designed to target those two aspects. Small class, loads of yoga, pnf stretching, balance exercises…

Going back on keto

7 months ago

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Whoever follow me or observing my IG know well I done few times keto diet. I’m starting it again. It’s not simple diet and it’s not suitable for everyone. There are few risks to consider and few not-to-do’s that need to be in place to stay safe. Apart from this diet is extremely effective.

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