Broga at Lark Lane

Men’s physique is different to female. Mixed classes are brilliant but they are missing some bits for each. Female dominated classes are full of poses not possible to perform for men and then there are some missing poses that are not possible for female but would be very beneficial for men. That’s how broga been created to respond to men’s needs in stretching. 45 minutes yoga workout based on hams, pecs and shoulder stretch and mobilization. There are challenging poses and many stretches that help you in day to day task. Class is run in warm temperature to allow muscles be more flexible. All levels.

Class: Men’s Hot Broga
: Lark Lane Community Centre
Day: Mondays
Time: 7.00pm
Group size: Maximum of 4 each session
Fee: £6 per head per session

By booking you confirm you consider yourself healthy, never been diagnosed with heart condition and your doctor never said you should avoid physical activity. You don’t experience any chest pain and you don’t have any issues with blood pressure.
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