I’m sharing here with you my draft videos. They are far from perfection, but if you struggle to find workout this can be helpful. This program is planned to go live end of this year, but because we all staying at homes I allow you all to have sneak peak to some of my projects. Some of this videos contain instructing some of them are visual only. Be patient I keep improving existing and adding new.

What is ViHyper?

It’s a hypertrophy workout targeting toning. It’s not only effective but also fun. It’s home workout, but going outside body weight training.

What equipment do I need?

You need pair of dumbbells and some exercises require chair too.

You also need decide with bigger screen than phone and speakers to hear music and beat.

Tracks are located in external google drive and you need to view it from browser:

Back 01

Biceps 01

Back&Biceps 01 (YouTube)

Calfs 01


Chest&Triceps 01 (YouTube)

Chest (YouTube)

Shoulders 01

Shoulders 02

Shoulders 01A (YouTube)