Weight loss on bike

I’m on my bike more than 3 years every single day. Every single day I do at least 7 miles (11km). I mostly go down to town from Old Swan (down the hill) and then back, up the hill all the way. Then from Old Swan to Lark Lane between my treatment rooms. How that… Continue reading Weight loss on bike

Workout vs Infliximab

Those who suffer from IBD whatever Colitis or Crohon’s definitely come across something called biological medicines. There are 3 most popular for treating IBD: infliximab (Remidace or Remsima), adalimumab (Humira) and vedolizumab (Entivio). If you already figured out that daily physical activity gives you symptom free life, a time when you get your injection may… Continue reading Workout vs Infliximab

Answering your questions #31

Every week I collect loads of questions from you all coming for massages or classes. Some of them need longer explanation and some of them are very typical so I can answer them for all.  Those some of questions from last week.

Simplest almond milk

You need handful of whole almonds (about 200g-250g). Put them in bowl and add bottled or filtered water, cover with plate and leave in fridge overnight. At the morning pour mixture in high container and blend it firmly. Put mixture through a sieve to separate grounded almonds.