Join me on mat [The Gym Yoga]

If you would like join me on my yoga practice I train before my saturday’s shift at The Gym City Center. I start 7am and train about 50min different yoga styles. It’s not class, it’s not session so I don’t charge any fee. You can simply join me while I practice (you need to be member to access gym).

There are some small mats at 3rd floor but I recommend you bring proper yoga mat with you.

No booking needed but you can approach me on gym floor or drop me email:

Intermittent fasting. How to start?

You probably came across this term many time or at least 5:2. If not, you must be new to dieting. I decided to write post to give you all idea how to design first split and start fasting. As I mentioned before 5:2 you must know there are many concepts of intermittent fasting and 5:2 is one of those. I’m talking today about 24h when you fast and eat in same windows every day. Continue reading “Intermittent fasting. How to start?”

Sober night out

Is that even possible? Some people may even say what’s the point even going out. There is, honestly there is. I can’t say I’m big on going out and partying, but if I do I drink very little or like recently not at all. I’m finding those parties higher in quality. You in full control what is going around, you remember who you was talking to and you coming back home nice and fresh 🙂 Most important you don’t drag your body through horrible process of hung over and recovery after alohol. Also it’s extremely money and energy efficient. On bank holiday weekends you can easily go out 3 nights in row, be fit and glam each time and still come back home with change in pocket.

Don’t drink. Stay healthy,


Boxercise at lark Lane Community Center

Many times I heard from you all guys that you are border with repetitive circuit training or HIIT training that is designed and predictable to every second. I was thinking what fartlek type of training may be most enjoyable by my clients and the answer was obvious. Boxercise! That is great cardiovascular training, not too repetitive and there is load of fun and laugh. Continue reading “Boxercise at lark Lane Community Center”