Fresh Start

What is it?

Weight loss coaching program that is done via app on your smart phone. There are also exercise workshops but they may not be challenging enough compared to classes you do at Kingsway. There are also weigh check clinics that you can pop into to get your weight checked and tracked. But the main thing is an app that works like social media feed where you will see generic and personalized content I can add for you.

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Who is eligible?

Halton residents (with postcode within Halton Borough Council), with BMI over 25. If you are not too sure what your BMI is, send me your height and weight and I’ll calculate it for you or you can check it also on the NHS website.

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How does it work?

In the app you will see cards similar to Facebook feed. There is no sharing data, likes and friends on it, it’s more like a stream of little posts. You will see generic cards about weight loss and exercise but also personalized for you, as I know you all a little bit. There is also a chat facility similar to whatsapp, that you can send messages directly to me, ask questions etc. I may ask you to update your weight or other measurements on a weekly basis. Or I can ask you to fill your food tracker, or send me a picture of your meal. Whatever suits you.

What’s the cost and what’s length of programme?

It’s free. But you need to be eligible (see above). Core of programme is 3 months where you get most of information, then another 3 months after this a maintenance period where you still be getting personalized content and you have me on side to support you. However, if you won’t engage with programme and me regularly on the app, I’ll discharge you to make space for someone else 🙂 Not being rude, just efficient.

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Do I need to have scales or fitness tracker?

I will ask you to update weight weekly. You can either weight yourself if you have scales at home, or you can come to one of weight check clinics, that are run in variety of locations on both sides of the river. I will also provide you with timetable and mark which of them I’m on. You don’t need fitness tracker, but if you have one you can sync it with Fresh Start App.

Do I need to be referred to programme by a doctor?

No. I can make a referral for you, however if you have serious medical condition like heart condition you may be asked to provide clearance from doctor. There won’t be much about exercise in case of SkinnyBubble members, as you guys smashing classes. It’s more to improve lifestyle, eating and wellbeing.

I’m in, how to start?

You have my number, just tell me and I’ll explain you how to start and I’ll make referral in our system for you and you are ready to go.