10 Weeks FlareUp Update

I have reached 10th week since I’ve spotted I’m flaring. It could potentially started earlier on. I haven’t just seen it earlier. I’m still not in remission, but I feel I’m getting there.

In hospital

Update to previous two of my posts about flareup and adalimumab.

Started Adalimumab

I’m making another update on my current flare up. So as things not really settling down, even I’m reached really high dose of prednisolone. How I said before, flare up is quite severe and there must be escalation of treatment. Probably I should go to hospital for few days to be given steroid directly to… Continue reading Started Adalimumab

Flareup update

As you all know, those who follows me and read this blog, I’m very vocal about my IBD and I always trying to update abut my state. It is to document my experience so it may be some use for others suffering from Crohn’s/Colitis or their family or friend.

Why we mix some IBD terminology?

It’s not new thing in IBD world that some terminology is used wrong by patients. That cause confusing to professionals, people around and community itself. The typical misconception is mixing IBS with IBD. I think that happened to everyone.