About Health Improvement Team (HIT)

Halton HIT is very big team. It’s divided to smaller sections like: Integrated Weight Loss (FreshStart), Exercise Referral, Age Well Services, Quitting Smoking, Mental Health, Breast Feeding and many more.

Myself and my closes team – Lifestyle Advisors (or LAs) taking care of FreshStart, Exercise on Referral and Age Well.

FreshStart is a weight loss program that is delivered either on workshops or digitally on our app.

Exercise on Referral is a scheme that HIT is running to support community of people with long term medical conditions. This includes Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation including stroke, Cancer Rehab, Diabetes and hypertension pathways as well as Musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain and many more.

Age Well are exercise sessions for people who had a fall or are at risk of falls.

Programmes I deliver

AgeWell Falls Preventions Level 1&2
Frank Myler Pavilion

Exercise on Referral Gym Session
Coming soon

AgeWell Falls Preventions Level 1&2
Castlefields CC

Palacefields CC

Grangeway CC

Mindful Movements on Referral
Kingsway LC (Covers only)

Weight Check Clinic
Widnes Market

Telephone Clinic

Hydro Exercise on Referral
Kingsway LC – starts end of September 2022

If you wish to start any of those programmes, please speak to me.

My qualifications

BSc Sport, Coaching and Fitness (3rd year)
Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor (coming soon)
Level 3 GP Exercise Referral
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Gym and Fitness Instructing
Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement
Waterfitness Teacher
Indoor Cycling Instructor
BodyCombat Instructor
Pilates Practitioner Instructor