Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

Another year I’m supporting Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week (1-7 december). I always repeat how  important is to rise some awareness as it massively helps people in their life. Even it’s 21 century and you would think everything been done to support ill or disabled people there are still many cases of lack of understanding. I can talk only about my own experience but I feel there is one thing IBD-sufferers keep saying. It’s not visible disease. So just because we walking, talking or even laughing doesn’t mean we are well. Those who know me personal, can tell that I’m laughing and making jokes all the time  but very often inside me, there is a lot of pain going on. Obviously there are moments of flareups where you can easily tell someone is very very sick from how they look like.  Pale skin, shaking hands, skinny, walking in slow motion mode, dry lips, hair loss and many many other visible symptoms. And even it’s sound horrible and you think people would help us – for example while we do shopping – you are very wrong. I had many situations when shop assistants acted like I was  drug addict who trying to steal something from shop. Honestly, they will walk after you looking on your hands and treat you very not welcome. When you back to shape suddenly – no issues. That’s just only one of hundreds issues I experienced. That’s why I’m very careful before I judge someone after how they look like.

But that’s just about visible effect of flareup. The biggest tragedy going on inside of our body. We need strong medications that gives many side effects, we need to watch out what we eat and drink. We need to be very careful with stress and anxiety. Many many things I don’t want to explain in this short post.

Please follow this link where you can find many useful information if you interested in this topic.

That’s me during flareup couple years ago. Just as example:

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Stay strong!




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