Finally it’s time for me

I was always laughing on people struggling with leg day. I never had that problem because I never had a leg day. Why? Simply because I’m riding on bike every single day 50-120 min. About 30-60 min of this time I’m riding up the hill. It’s exactly from Liverpool Town up to Old Swan.
Thanks to this my leg’s muscles are nice and toned. I still think I don’t need leg day in my life but I’ve been inspired by my friend who simply enjoy leg day. So I’m about to start doing that from tomorrow, sacrifing every Thursday.  I found myself motivators:

Playing with my gumy toys…

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1. As a professional fitness instructor I need not only tell how important leg training is but also feel it on my skin.
2. Legs muscles are probably biggest muscles on my body so extra activation may affect calories burning, which defo support me in loosing that last layer of my belly fat.

So here we are, I’m not scared, I’m super excited. Even I’m bit cold I still wanna do it and see where my limits at the minute are.

I will definitely give you report how was it.




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