Never bored with PiYo

It’s so many different fitness workouts those days. Instructors creating own, gyms creating own. Everyone look for a gold spot that fit majority of people and bring them as much benefits as possible.

Blending yoga and pilates it’s not new thing. It’s not hard to find out that pilates was inspired by yoga. Now days many yogis incorporate pilates approach to their routine.

We use to say ‘bit of yoga bit of pilates’ but the name PiYo is getting more and more visible. Originally marketed by Chalene Johnson as her 8 weeks plan becoming now a wide used naming for blended two techniques.

It’s generally vinyasa flow with bit or pilates and gymnastic. It’s all in motion and can be pretty intensive. Won’t be surprised if in couple months all Hot PiYo classes will start pop out.

Well, it’s brilliant workout and I can only recommend as it’s what I do for years – blending my two favorite techniques.

You can train with YouTube, you can buy Chalene Johnson’s DVD, there are classes in Wavertree Lifestyles (Liverpool).

Stay fit!




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