Stress accumulated in muscles

It’s a common approach to associate shoulder tightness and pain with stress related factors. It’s very true. We accumulating stress in muscle tissue but it’s not only shoulders


It’s mostly occurs along back and one of biggest reservoir of stress is located in gluteal muscle group. It’s can be accumulated for years and sedentary lifestyle not helping at all.

When it comes to massage, that part of body is skipped. Generally taken as inappropriate. Some therapists do gluts massage on request, but not offering it to clients to avoid awkward situation. Clients also afraid to request glutes massage to not be taken as they think therapist may feel offended.

That’s a shame because in full body routine one of biggest muscle group not even being relaxed.

I personally don’t ask Clients if they wish glutes massage to avoid being taken I offer inappropriate service. If Client request that body part to be included in routine then from my perspective muscle is a muscle.

In Vic’s Special Massage it’s a stated option as it’s treatment that benefits me and I know it also benefits Clients.

Stay relaxed,





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