Upper bodyweight muscle building workout

60min upper body hypertrophy bodyweight workout. No equipment needed. Some support for triceps deeps like low table/bench.


20sec jumping jacks, 20sec squat jumps, 20sec high knees

30sec break

20sec high plank, 20sec mount climbers, 20sec plank jump in and out

30sec break

Repeat 3 times.


Each exercise 12 reps followed with 45sec break.

6 sets of side plank flip left to right

6 sets of shoulder taps

6 sets of triceps deeps

6 sets of Feet elevated pushups

6 sets of feet tap oblique crunch

6 sets of diamond pushup

6x45sec bout pose

6x45sec starfish plank

6 sets of low to high plank

Stretch – each 30sec

Warrior 1 fold with fingers interlaced behind

Warrior 1 prayer twist

Camel pose


Repeat on other side