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If you haven’t heard about how critical fiber is in dieting, you not doing it right. There is massive discussion how to find gold spot to eat loads of fiber but still keep carbohydrate intake modeate. It’s prety hard as most of rich fiber foods are same time stuffed with carbs. Lack of fiber in your body cause constipation and drastically slowing down your metabolism. 

Especially if you on one of fast shredding diets like LCHF you may really experience lack of fiber in your body.

Then usually we finding some supplement. Which is not bad and I was using one of popular supplements made of grapefruit white skin. But still it’s chemical processed tablet that you always feel is not right. Especially if you trying to keep your diet as clean as you can.

But you can do natural, and that’s absolutely best way to supplement body with fiber. Have you heard about plantago psyllium seeds and plantago ovata husk? Yeah, me neither but those two works amazing. You can buy it in one of helthy shops or online.

You need to mix it in 8:2 proportion so let say 80g of plantago psyllium seeds with 20g plantago ovata husk and keep it in ziploc bag. Or any other amount in this proportion.

How to consume?
Put 3 tea spoons of mixture to cup and add water. Leave it like this for 20 min.
It will turn to jelly-like substation. Nothing really to enjoy so make sure you eat/drink it quick. You can repeat that 3 times a day best before meals.

It contains 58g of fiber, 12g of protein and only 10g of net carbs (about 1.25g in one portion). If you use less water, you can simply eat it. It will fill you up and your next meal simply be smaller.

To make fiber most effective if your body, drink plenty of water.

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