Weight loss on bike

I’m on my bike more than 3 years every single day. Every single day I do at least 7 miles (11km). I mostly go down to town from Old Swan (down the hill) and then back, up the hill all the way. Then from Old Swan to Lark Lane between my treatment rooms.
How that affect my weight management?

My honest answer must be… Not much. Bike is amazing tool to get fast from point to point in big and busy city like Liverpool. It’s great tool for maintenance you weight. It’s great for your heart rate and knee joints. But if you want a loss significant amount of weight, you probably find more effective ways to do so. If bike is only exercise you do and you feel comfortable only with this, don’t resign. If you wanna big results on weight loss, use bike only as a supplement and try to get on any HIIT routine.

Keep it short:

  1. Bike will help you maintenance your weight.
  2. It’s great for keeping your pump healthy.
  3. Will build your legs muscles in long term.

But that’s pretty much all. If you doing a steady training on gym bike you probably loosing your time. You can use it as a part of your HIIT training, but only steady spinning just burn calories you have at the minute in your blood stream, but will not take anything off your belly fat.

I love my bike, and I can’t imagine any other way of everyday commuting, but if I have some jelly on belly I would probably go more for Tabata. That’s my personal view after couple years cycling every day.

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