What’s new in classes

Ah, 2022 is already very busy. So what’s new?

Still biggest classes being ViCycle (Spin/Indoor Cycle) and BodyComabt. There is regular Spin in JD Liverpool South on Tuesday mornings, followed by BodyCombat. You still may see me as a class cover in both JD Liverpool South and JD Belle Vale. At KLC (Kingsway Leisure Centre) there are two slots of Indoor Cycling with me – Tuesday evening (express class) and Thursday mornings (45min class). New tracks for my cycling classes are available on Spotify.

Exciting new BodyCombat 89 has been released so you can experience those in classes very soon.

I’m also very happy to announce I’m taking over Gentle Circuit class on Thursday mornings at KLC. It’s one of my favorite format especially it is close to my current interest as I’m hoping to become Exercise Referral Instructor very soon. I’m very excited being able to apply all this knowledge to Gentle Circuit class. It’s perfect for people with medical condition or weakened joints as there is no impact, jumping, quick changing positions and there is no push/pull movements above head. There are small weight, compound movements, balance and stabilization exercises, prolonged warmup and cooldown. There are also longer breaks between sets so you have plenty time to rest and have a sip of water.




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