Workout vs Infliximab

Those who suffer from IBD whatever Colitis or Crohon’s definitely come across something called biological medicines. There are 3 most popular for treating IBD: infliximab (Remidace or Remsima), adalimumab (Humira) and vedolizumab (Entivio).

If you already figured out that daily physical activity gives you symptom free life, a time when you get your injection may be very challenging.
Why? Simply because that miracle medicines may affect your performance. They just simply makes you weak, tired and grumpy. Personally for me it may be even up to 3 days after IV.

Those who follow my private instagram know I always struggle that time. For me it is #ThatDay. So what I do to survive injection day and days after:

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  1. I still go to the gym but before my appointment. I always try to set my appointment about 12pm, so I have enough time for my workout. I don’t do any cardio that day. I’m focusing on weights, simply because I know I’ll be eating carbs later on.
  2. I eat that day whatever I want. That’s absolutely full treat day.
  3. Sleep as much as I want. Naps are very helpful.
  4. Before night time I do some yoga stretching but max 15 minutes.
  5. Morning I start with fiber supplement to quickly remove all the junk food I’ve ate day before.
  6. I trying rest as much as I can. That’s not best time for any activities because I may be very weak.
  7. Next day I start with gentle pilates. Before end of the day I should be able perform much more. If I’m absolutely fine I’ll do some little workout like cables or kettlebell.

Everyone is different so you have to find your own routine that time. Happily it’s not too often if you on regular 8 weeks injections. I must also say that I’m using that weaker time as a excuse to have all junky food, but hey… we all just human.

My appointment are always on Fridays, so I have full weekend for recovery.

On Monday morning I will do punishment 45min tabata to burn all my sins.

Share your own routine if you also taking any biological agent.




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