Answering your questions #31

Every week I collect loads of questions from you all coming for massages or classes. Some of them need longer explanation and some of them are very typical so I can answer them for all.  Those some of questions from last week.

What I can use for self massage?
Simplest answer – coconut oil as you can get it in every single shop. Simple take a piece and wait till it melt in your hand or just warm it up in microwave for couple seconds. You can also get massage oils from Holland&Barrett or massage bars from Lush.

Is belly self massage good idea?
Yes, it’s very good idea especially when you suffer from IBD/IBS. It will also benefit you if you trying to lose some weight. The firm movements will help tone your belly and help quicker suck in excess skin.

Should I drink more water if I drink tea?
If it’s just one cup a day you don’t have to worry too much but if it’s more try to increase a bit water consumption because teas simply makes you go to loo more often so just to replace loosed water. Don’t resign drinking teas as they bring loads of benefits to your body.

Is there any essential oil that help me with sleeping issues?
Yes, it’s called Ylang Ylang. You can apply 2 drops to you wrists and touch back of your neck and behind ears. Don’t expect miracle after first use, be patient and regular.

What’s the softest version of exercise?
If you just starting with exercising or you suffer with fatigue related illness or you just wanna go slower way you should definitely try Tai Chi. It will help you gain mobility and balance. Also it will give you good behavior with controlling motion so you will easily develop to pilates. Be patient.

Until next time! 🙂




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