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  • Distracting my anxiety

    Distracting my anxiety

    I’ve been sharing my experience with managing my anxiety. It used to be really tough to deal with, with lots of worrying and overthinking, but now it’s much more manageable. The NHS Talking Therapies campaign even featured my story! In a previous post, I talked about the therapy process and what worked for me. One […]

  • First Hyrox

    First Hyrox

    I recently completed my first Hyrox race in Manchester. It was challenging but fun, which is to be expected from a race. I participated in the event to determine if Hyrox could potentially become my new sport and replace my beloved physique bodybuilding. Now, I would like to summarize my findings from the first event.Hyrox […]

  • KLC Classes September Update

    KLC Classes September Update

    There may be some changes to the timetable at Kingsway so please keep your eyes peeled. I know only about changes that apply to me and they are as follows: Monday: 9.15 am Aqua, 10.30 am Combat. This means there is no dry class at 9.30 am and gentle class is replaced with Combat. Tuesdays: […]

  • Back to bike

    Back to bike

    Since I’ve started working with health improvement I don’t commute on push bike anymore. I also don’t teach spin nearly at all. This was a big change to my working out routine and a bit of a shock for my quads. Cycling was always a big part of rehab post each of IBD flare-ups. Now […]

  • Movember


    The Gym Group which I work for is one of the key partners of Movember Foundation. Together with my fellow PTs from The Gym Liverpool One we rising awareness and founds to support Movember Foundation. Here how you can get involved.