How Tacky Aesthetics Hinder Natural Bodybuilding Participation

Just a heads up, in this blog post I’ll be sharing my personal opinion. I definitely don’t want to offend anyone, but I do want to advocate for modernizing the fantastic sport of natural bodybuilding.

The sport of natural bodybuilding requires intense commitment to shaping one’s physique, but it faces a tough challenge when it comes to its public image. Outdated branding and competition aesthetics have led many to view it as “tacky,” making it difficult to attract new participants, especially when pitted against emerging fitness trends like for example Hyrox.

The Tackiness Trap

Natural bodybuilding is often seen through the lens of flashy competition posters displayed in gyms, showcasing bronzed physiques against over-the-top backdrops. The trophies, resembling plastic gladiators holding golden swords, further reinforce this perception. However, this outdated aesthetic may create a barrier to entry, especially for younger generations who are drawn to sleek minimalism and modern branding.

The Cool Factor Deficit

Hyrox, a relatively new functional fitness competition, has emerged as a direct competitor to many other amateur and professional competitions. Hyrox boasts a clean, modern aesthetic, with branding that emphasizes athleticism and functionality. Competitions take place in well-lit, minimalist arenas, focusing on showcasing the physical feats of the athletes rather than theatrics. The “cool factor” of Hyrox attracts a wider range of participants, particularly those seeking a challenge that goes beyond just building muscle. Other sports lacking this cool factor may suffer from lower participation, and in my opinion, natural bodybuilding is one of them.

Impact on Participation

The tacky image of natural bodybuilding discourages potential participants for several reasons. Firstly, it creates a perception that the sport is superficial and unwelcoming.  Secondly, the outdated branding fails to resonate with younger generations accustomed to clean aesthetics and a focus on function over form. Finally, the emphasis on theatrics over athleticism can feel inauthentic and deter those seeking a more grounded approach to fitness.

A Call for Modernization

🌟 Transform Competition Aesthetics: Ditch the flashy backdrops and over-the-top posing routines. Let’s shine a spotlight on natural physiques with well-lit stages that showcase raw power and beauty.

🔥 Embrace Minimalism: Say hello to sleek and modern designs in posters, logos, and apparel. Get ready for stunning photography that proudly captures the essence of physique.

💪 Highlight Athleticism: It’s time to show off the strength and conditioning side of the sport. How about adding functional fitness elements into competitions for an extra edge?

📱 Embrace Social Media: Get ready for a powerful online presence filled with captivating content that goes beyond competition footage. Let’s talk about sharing inspiring training journeys, mouthwatering healthy recipes, and spotlighting the incredible community spirit of bodybuilding.

Natural bodybuilding offers a unique path to physical achievement, but its outdated image hinders participation. By embracing a modern, sophisticated aesthetic emphasising athleticism and community, the sport can shed its “tacky” label and attract a new generation of passionate competitors. The future of natural bodybuilding lies in creating a brand that reflects the dedication and discipline required to sculpt one’s physique, while remaining relevant and appealing in a rapidly evolving fitness landscape.




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