Clean diet vs coffee

That’s a question! So following theory of clean diet we should’t eat anything processed or anything that was made in food factory. All natural. But what about coffee? On instant coffee jar says ‘natural’. I know nature made coffee beans but isn’t natural that we roast them, ground them and drink with boiled water? Is it even natural for us to have any stimulants like coffee or tea?
Well from my point of view it’s ok to drink coffee as long as we buy coffee beans and ground it ourselves or buy it in trusted coffee shop. It’s probably not free from conservants but it’s definitely better choice than instant coffee.

The separate topic is milk to that coffee. Obviously we know, the way milk is produced those days takes almost all goodness from it. Loads of factories make milk powder first so it’s easy to transport then just melt it back in water. So it’s very far from having fresh natural milk. You could chose almond milk, but again… it’s made in factory. You can make almond milk yourself but it’s an effort, so depends how determinate you are to eat and drink clean.

There is also something called green coffee, which is just ‘whole bean’ not roasted grounded coffee. I have pack of it, tried once, I be very happy to give it away. That was very quick review of green coffee.

From my perspective as long as you have fully natural coffee and whole milk and you don’t add any sugar to it, you absolutely fine 🙂

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