Diet not date

First couple weeks of dieting may be funny. Especially when you mainly focused only on dieting before it become everyday routine.

I’ve been asked yesterday if I do dates, my brain automatically turned dates to diets. So I said of course I do clean, carb cycling and currently LCHF.

And that confusing in their eyes what the hell I’m talking about.

I do diet not date. But can you actually dating people while dieting? It may be tricky on keto. You may not make good impression if you order three fat stakes, chicken wings, leafy salad and you ask to top it up with some cheese. Oh dear, that sounds delicious. I’m hungry now.

I would suggest to go diet on your cheat window or simply warn your date you eat… different.

Make research where are keto friendly dishes before, so you can pop up with idea not rejecting theirs. Nando’s doesn’t sound too romantic for date but half of chicken and haloumi sounds like romance already…

Burn fat. Stay healthy,





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