Going back on keto

Whoever follow me or observing my IG know well I done few times keto diet. I’m starting it again. It’s not simple diet and it’s not suitable for everyone. There are few risks to consider and few not-to-do’s that need to be in place to stay safe. Apart from this diet is extremely effective.

I’m not fan of statement ‘I start diet from tomorrow’ in case of keto. I give always myself a preparation period to flow smoothly into ketogenic state.

First step I taking is: emptying fridge. I don’t like wasting food so I first eat whatever is non keto friendly to get rid of it. Still keep in mind to avoid sugar. As example: I have in fridge beautiful schnitzels I made, but they in bread crumbs. It would be waste to throw them away though. So as preparation period I’m giving myself 2 days to eat everything that is fairly ok.

Next 2-4 days I be completely cuting carbs and any sugars I accidentally eat 🙊So basically I limit myself to eat proteins only. That is challenging period as your brain will be sending ‘hungry’ signals even you full.

After I feel comfortable with this I will start increasing fat consumption. Bear in mind they must be some quality fats. Frozen burgers probably not best choice. Also some processed meats contin some carb additives. Reading labels is like job.

If I success those stages I should be in ketosis in 7 to 10 days. Everyone is different, but that’s my experience.

All that time weight training is necessary as your body easily can fall to starvation mode and try to keep all fat on body giving you signals you too tired to do anything. You can try some natural boosters like green or yerba mate teas.

I remind about proper hydration but from my own experience I was all the time thirsty so didn’t have to keep it in mind.

Stay healthy,





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