Quick snack to bust your metabolism in minutes.

Do you love snacking? Why not chose a super healthy option that may burst your metabolism up to 8% and burn some fat?

The simple key to that is to add to your low calorie snack (like salad) some veg that contains capsaicin. That little guy is responsible for heat in chilly and jalapeno peppers. Its’t not only tasty but also hit your metabolism rate up and field you up for couple good hours.
Preparation of salad on picture toke me probably same time as time you need to open chocolate bar. It’s about 10% caloric of chocolate bar and works great for burning your fat.

It’s also great option for those who carb cycling as it got almost non carbs and release your already slowed metabolism.

Salad on pic contains:
– mix leaf salad
– about 10 chilly stuffed green olives
– 5 piece of sun dried tomatoes
– 1/2 ts of Parmesan.

Buon appetito!




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