Tea freak – September

Those who know me well noticed that I’m tea addict. I can’t enjoy traditional British black tea any longer as I drink so many other teas I simply have no room. Because they all have very health benefits and are super foods I’ve decided to post from time to time what currently I drink most.

So this month my no 1 is…

#1 Red tea Pu Erh
This tea is with me for very long long time. There is claim that red tea support weight loss, but it’s not very much supported by any researches. But there is proven that read tea got significant benefits for hair, skin and generally healthy appearance. And to be honest, I think that’s true. Also it’s best in taste of all hippie teas.

#2 Green Tea
Described million times by me and others. This month I have new fancy one with dried quince fruit bites and it’s so so tasty. Highly recommend for those who struggling with giving up sugar as it got sweet aroma.

#3 Nettle herbal tea with dried pear
I will describe nettle benefits in separate article one day. Highly recommend for IBDers as it’s rich in iron and prevent creating water retention in body. Pear flavor make it more livable.

#4 White tea
Also uncountable benefits but this month I have amazing flavor Thai lemon and pomegranate flower. Very nice.

#5 Pansy herb tea
Just because I had a little bit of sore throat recently and it seems to be amazing with fighting infections located in throat. Also it helps to lose phlegm. My cold last only two days so I’m not too sure if that was just my immune system or miracle of pansy.

That’s my top 5 for this month. I keep finding new teas and I love taste them and collecting all information about benefits so I defo comeback with this topic once in a while.

Stay strong!




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