What is very frustrating

What is very frustrating when people overuse term IBD or Crohn’s or Colitis just to make them sound more dramatic when actually they have mild IBS from mackies they eat everyday. People who diagnosed with serious IBD are fighting every single day with their symptoms, fatigue, medication side effects. I hate putting myself as any example but what I do everyday cost me probably twice more energy and motivation than average person. Sometimes I have tears in my eyes feeling I can’t get up from bed and I have planned to do yoga, pilates, 5 massages and a evening run. Somehow I do that and I never was seeking for any applause or anyone to feel sorry about me. It’s me and my disease fighting one on one. Today I’ve said I hate boxing and I couldn’t train that everyday, but I actually do that with my IBD every single minute. Ignoring pain, ignoring fatigue, ignoring another side effect, ignoring mood swinging, food issues etc. I just stand up every day and fight.

So please, pleaseee if you just go 5 times a day to toilet because you’ve ate too much beans on white toast, frozen pizza for a pound and drank bottle of coke – don’t call yourself a IBD sufferer. You make us looks idiotic when we really trying to be warriors and inspire other sickies to follow us living healthy happy lives.





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