Why I love Tabata so much

HIIT or steady cardio? That’s the current question in fitness world. Don’t get me wrong I love my bike and I enjoy some jogging from time to time. But when it comes to keeping fit or weight lose, there is nothing better than HIIT approach. One of many types of high intensive training in intervals is Tabata. Designed by Japanese scientist was originally designed to reduce from five to four training days for athletes.

Now days Tabata training is general name for HIIT training in 2:1 intervals. So let say 20 sec of intensive training followed by 10 sec rest or 40 sec training and 20 sec rest. The circuit takes 4 minutes (8 or 4 sets) followed by one minute break. That makes one Tabata.


Me vs #tabata

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Full training takes 20-40 minutes means 4 to 8 tabatas and it’s designed to train all groups of muscles and bring heart rate almost to it’s limits. It’s absolutely very hard, very intensive but also best fat melter ever. You don’t have to do Tabata training every day. 2 to 3 times a week is absolutely enough. That is point one on my list why I love Tabata so much – It’s time saver. Second thing is you do feel that, oh believe me you do. As running or cycling gives you temporary increase in heart rate, the fire from Tabata stays with long time after your session.

Third point is simple – it’s not boring as steady cardio training. There are different combinations, hundreds of different exercises. You can design whole training based on cardio and one group of muscles that you focusing on specific day.

Try it, hate it, then see results, then love it.
My promise 🙂




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