Herbal Teas For Christmas Belly

Guys I think I never ate this much ever in my life. And I shouldn’t even say that but… Christmas. Most of foods I’ve prepared myself but couple of them was ready made stuffed with sugar and other additives. How to support our body to handle all that heavy foods we been eating couple past days? We could eat healthy all Christmas to not have that problem right now, but let’s not be this crazy. There are couple herbal remedies that can help us to detoxify, regulate sugars level, get rid of excess water.

Green tea is obviously remedy for every issue. It honestly is. It will increase your metabolism and if you add zest of lemon into your cup it will also support toxins removal from your body.

White mulberry or Morus alba is an amazing herb that helps to regulate sugar levels in your blood. It’s great tea to always keep in mind when you overeat chocolate or other treats.

Fennel is great for your digestive system. It increase metabolism it’s also natural remedy for belly pain when you eat too much.

Mint is of course amazing remedy if your stomach is upset. Great for bloating or if you supper from IBS.

Fiber mixture I’ve been writing about before is amazing supplement as Christmas foods are very low in fiber. It also boost your metabolism so all food sins can go much more quicker out of your body 😉

It’s obviously very hard to force ourselves to exercise during Christmas time but we should do at least a bit home calisthenic so coming back to normal track is not too painful.

Have a great time!





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