Hey, legs day is cool!

So last time I was dead excited to start doing proper legs day (previous article). I also thought it’s gonna be piece of cake for my already pretty toned legs and it was. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it. I had tears in my eyes when I was walking up and down on steps. It started proper sore at evening and it continue today. I had really funny time this morning getting on my bike. It wasn’t bad, it’s just this nice feeling that you done proper job day before.

I probably would do more if I wouldn’t be bit cold. But I love it, and I defo doing my legs day every Thursday from now on.
So my set was:
Barbell squats 4 sets X 12 reps
Barbell lunges 4X12
Ballerina calf (link) 4Xfull set
Leg extensions 4X12
Seated leg curl 4X12
Prone leg curls 4X12
And repeat full set.

#Happy #legsday It’s not bad absolutelly #enjoy it

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