Started Adalimumab

I’m making another update on my current flare up. So as things not really settling down, even I’m reached really high dose of prednisolone. How I said before, flare up is quite severe and there must be escalation of treatment. Probably I should go to hospital for few days to be given steroid directly to vein along side with nutritional IVs. But situation is hard because of Covid-19 and going to hospital is seen as last resource. I’m loosing weigh and blood, but there are some procedures you can’t avoid to get some stronger treatment.

We started looking to start biological therapy when IBD team find out how severe it is during colonoscopy. But before you can start any biological they need to check if you don’t present any serious infection. This is mainly to exclude Hep B and C, HIV and Tuberculosis. So I had all those tests done same day as colonoscopy including xray. But even all my lab requests was marked urgent, we haven’t had results back untill next week as whole health system is focusing on Covid-19.

The results eventually got back to us, but because adalimumab isn’t just randomly stock we had to order it and wait. From day to day I’m feeling rather worse than better as obviously I developed anemia, non intestine related symptoms, fatigue etc.

So week after colonoscopy I happily went to see specialist nurse to make my initial injection. Quadruple dosage… Adalimumab normally coming in prefilled selfinjecting pens, similar to diabetes pens. But there were none in stock, so we received prefilled siringes. They also are to give subcutaneous injection to belly. And whatever scary it sounds, it’s honestly not painful at all.

I’m waiting now for magic to happen. Not everyone respond to adalimumab. Also it may take some time before it kick in. I can’t afford to be this severe any longer as I really feel unwell, so if it won’t work then I’ll need to go hospital and start receiving dripps. But I’m stay positive and hoping that adalimumab start clearing all this mess up. I did respond well previously when I been given different biological, also TNF-alfa blocker, so hoping it will work this time too.

Will keep you update. Stay healthy, eat your vegs, Vic




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