Big update

I have recently made a big decision to leave The Gym Group. It took me a while as I love The Gym Liverpool One and it’s really home for me. I also made there biggest progress in my own fitness journey. So it was very hard decision.


Upper bodyweight muscle building workout

60min upper body hypertrophy bodyweight workout. No equipment needed. Some support for triceps deeps like low table/bench.


20sec jumping jacks, 20sec squat jumps, 20sec high knees



The Gym Group which I work for is one of the key partners of Movember Foundation. Together with my fellow PTs from The Gym Liverpool One we rising awareness and founds to support Movember Foundation. Here how you can get involved.


Join me on mat [The Gym Yoga]

If you would like join me on my yoga practice I train before my saturday’s shift at The Gym City Center. I start 7am and train about 50min different yoga styles. It’s not class, it’s not session so I don’t charge any fee. You can simply join me while I practice (you need to be member to access gym).

There are some small mats at 3rd floor but I recommend you bring proper yoga mat with you.

No booking needed but you can approach me on gym floor or drop me email:

IBD Active

Why we mix some IBD terminology?

It’s not new thing in IBD world that some terminology is used wrong by patients. That cause confusing to professionals, people around and community itself. The typical misconception is mixing IBS with IBD. I think that happened to everyone.